Love Spell Perfume Oil


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These incredible Auric Sprays help to clear and protect your energy and realign your vibrations. Each of these sprays are handcrafted using locally grown Plants and Botanicals. The Plants are locally distilled by hand to create Floral Waters and Essential Oils, which are mixed with a blend of organic, ethically sourced Essential Oils, and our made in house Tinctures, Infusions and Absolutes to create our Auric Mists. The Blends are carefully created with Plants selected for their specific healing properties, and are then infused with crystals to heal your soul, strengthen your connection to Self and Spirit, and manifest your desires and dreams.

Ritual: Always shake gently before each use, as Essential Oils will float to the top. Mist often throughout the day to protect and conserve your energy and life force. We suggest using this Mist every morning upon waking to set positive affirmations for the day. Mist gently to clear and protect your Energy, your space, your altar, your bedroom. Lovely on clothes, linens, and pillows.
This Mist is useful for bringing harmony and excitement to existing relationships, for strengthening the bond you share with your partner. Helping you both to exist within love, respect, and peace. It is also wonderful for attracting new love of all types. It is also wonderful for attracting love and new relationships, and strengthening existing bonds or relationships that are strained in some way.
Auric Mists can be especially helpful when doing healing work, to help anchor the process.

Spray several times above your head and allow the mist to fall around you. Take a few seconds to breathe and connect with the Plant Allies. Use throughout the day, and over a longer period of time for deeper transformation. All of the Auric Mists are handmade with the finest quality crystals
(they have been cleansed, activated and Lunar charged)